• A01. Roti Canai
    Malaysia Flying Bread Crispy flour bread served with curry clipping sauce
  • A02. Satay Chicken or Beef
    Marinated chicken or beef barbecued on skewers served with a peanut sauce
  • A03. Satay Tofu
    Crispy fried tofu stuffed with bean sprouts,and cucumber. Served with peanut sauce
  • A04. Malaysia Poh Piah
    Steamed spring roll stuffed with cucumber,bean sprouts and vegetables. Served with spicy-sweet hoisin sauce
  • A05. Samosa
    Crispy wrapper filled with curry potato mix. Served with a sweet chilli sauce
  • A06. Garlic Fries or Potato Fries
    Served with a sweet plum sauce
  • A07. Chicken Wings
    Deeo Fried Chicken wings marinated and served with special sauce
  • A08. Green Papaya Salad
    Thinly shredded fresh green papaya, sprinkled with carrots, cucumber, pineapple,vegetable and tomato
  • A09. Green Papaya Salad with Chicken
    Grilled chicken with vegetable and tomato served with special sauce
  • A10. Crispy Calamari
    Crispy calamari stir-fried in a chied's dry chilli sauce
  • A11. Curry Puffs
    Pastry puff stuffed with curry paste
  • A12. Lobak Rolls
    Crispy fried special pork roll
  • A13. Kang Kung Calamari
    Sauteed water spinach, calamari with spicy Malaysian special peanut sauce
  • A14. Chili Padi Sampler
    Mixed of some of our favorites : Chicken Satay, Green Papaya, Samosa, Satay Tofu and Roti
  • A15. A Chat
    Assorted pickled root vegetables and pineapples topped with grated peanut and aromatic spices